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Monday, March 13, 2023

Strawberry & Almond Smoothie.

Strawberry & Almond Smoothie

Everyday Question : What to eat for Breakfast? Right, friends. Yes! And that too when we have limited time to prepare Breakfast. Trust me this is going to be your best friend for breakfast from now onwards. Easy to make & Super delicious. And what about nutrition??. Don't worry it is full of Nutrition and yes Vegan too. You don't have to cook it either. Simple to prepare & Full on nutrition. Just try it and let me know in the comments section how you liked it. Also let me know if you want more 10 minute recipes for your breakfast. 

You Need :
6 medium sized Strawberries or any fruit of your choice. 
20 Almonds
6 Dates deseeded
2 Tbsp Rolled Oats. 
2 glasses of waterđź’¦
Sunflower & Pumpkin seeds for garnishing. 

Way to go :
Separately Soak almonds and oats in hot water for twenty min. 
Wash & cut strawberries. 
Deseed Dates. ( I have used soft dates without sugar coating) 
Peel Almonds. When you soak it in hot water the skin comes out easily. 
Put them in a grinder jar & make a fine paste so that you get smooth Almond Milk
Now add Paste of almonds, strawberries🍓, soaked oats, dates & 2 glasses of cold water to the blender jar. 
Blend everything together to make a smoothie. 
Pour it in a glass and garnish with pumpkin & sunflower seeds or any seeds of your choice. 
This recipe will make 2 glasses of Smoothie. You can half  or double the ingredients for making less or more glasses. 
One glass will keep you full till lunch time. So Enjoyyyyy and don't leave the house without breakfast. Not any more. 

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