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Friday, May 8, 2020

Jalebi Recipe for Beginners- Indian Evening Snack

The favourite Meetha of every Indian ....Jalebi. Even Bollywood couldn't escape from its Magic...Naam Jalebi Bai.... remember. I was missing it so much 😭. So geared up  myself and result was Sweetness in my kitchen . Friends sharing my recipe with you of this great Indian sweet and believe me it is not difficult and you can easily make it with easily available ingredients. So here is what we need:
Maida. - 1 cup
Urad Dal - 2 table spoon soaked in water     for 2 hours and ground to a fine paste
Baking powder-. 1 tea spoon. 
Curd -. 2 table spoon.
Red Food colour - A pinch
A pinch of baking soda. Be careful with this . A little extra can spoil the taste of your Jalebis.

For sugar syrup to dip Jalebi we need
Sugar - 1&half cup
Water -. 1 cup. 
Choti Ilaichi - 3
Juice of one lemon

Lets us make batter for Jalebis:
In a bowl take 1 cup Maida and slowly add water to it. Make sure there are no lumps. Add  paste of urad dal and Curd to the mixture. Add red food colour . Now make   a batter of pouring consistency. It should not be watery. Just like besan Ka pakoda batter we normally make. Neither too thick nor to thin. Now leave this batter to rest. 
Meanwhile we will make Sugar syrup. 

Combine sugar and water in a saucepan . Put Choti Ilaichi in it and let it boil . It will take around 8 to 10 min . Pick chashni between your index finger and thumb . Now try separating  index finger and thumb , the syrup should stick to your fingers but should not form any thread. When the suger syrup  is ready mix lemon juice to it. This prevents crystallization in sugar syrup . We need a clear chasni for Jalebis. 
Tip: If your sugar is not clean add 3 table spoon of milk and when the milk boils it will bring all the impurities to surface and you can easily remove them.
There are two methods of making spirals of Jalebi. 
1. Take a ketchup squeezer which you normally find in local restaurant. That red bottle with a nozzle. Remember . That is perfect for making spirals. Fill ketchup squeezer bottle with batter if you have one.
2 . Take a milk packet . Cut it from one side and make cone . Now make a small opening in this cone . Put this cone in a glass and fill it with batter. 

Heat oil in flat bottom pan on a medium flame. The oil should be moderately hot. The oil should fill one fourth of pan only ie you don't need too much oil . Only that much in which Jalebis can float. 
Now start making spirals with the ketchup bottle you filled with the batter. 
The flame should be medium otherwise you will burn your Jalebis. Now turn your Jalebis and cook other side too. Quickly remove them with tongs and dip in sugar syrup. Turn the side and remove from syrup. The Jalebis should not sit too long in syrup as they will loose the crispiness. 
Tip: The sugar syrup should be at room temperature when you dip Jalebis in it. 
And now your Jalebis are ready to be gobbled up. You will not stop on one, I bet. Don't bother yourself with the little imperfection in making spirals. The pleasure of eating garama garm , hygienic  Jalebis in the comfort of your home is beyond imperfections. 
So try it and relish this staple Meetha of every Indian. Enjoyyyyyy.